Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Unapproachables / FTW & CO raceteam

Yellow Beemer off Geert and the white XS off Julio
in the unlimited class ...big bears waitin to be shot :)

What a nice lookin` "pitspoes" I am no ?
Ducati from Jeff

Sidecar on XS base with Kenny as driver and Stijn
in the side , going full throttle on the staight line

Focus , man focus ...
More pics of this SUPER DUPER trackweekend soon on this page !!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

V35 Monza

Back on the track from almost a week @ the Wechter festival.
Bin F!@#$%`in hot , lost a couple of kg`s just by swettin` my
ass off. Up till 50 degrees on the festival ground ,
what`s wrong with the world mamma ... ain`t normal temp`s any more.

For a start , this young man is one with grease in his blood.
He`s bin building mopeds and lighter bikes from the time he wen`t out daipers.
Has always bin outlaw -bikin` till last year he got his driverslicense for bikes.

This is his last creation , a 350 V35 Monza.
Started from a tourismo base , and added
lots and lots homemade bits , to get this outcome.
Just like me , he`s a big fan of full-faired Guzzi , as You can see.
this bike is`nt done yet , but he made it roadworthy, to come over
@ our Guzzi Classic weekend , `bout a month ago.

The bike should come in the black and gold -color sheme .
Made all the fairingbrackets , clip-ons , old-school leatherbags
and luggagsrack for the bigger trips , reformed the fullfairing, etc ...
He even tickled the engine to get a better performance.
For his 18 springs young of age , he`s got "IT" , I` can say.
Keep going bro ,...
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