Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Salt flats

D`you remember Polle , leadsinger of dutch
hardcore-formation The butcher , from a while ago
on this blog ?
Well he & his buddies from Trashers cc are planning
a big set-up of a project ... comparing a full landspeed
record breaking attempt on the salt lake of Bonneville.
To get a full story check our mates new blogspace on :
They are looking for major sponsorships to do it the right way ...
Main course is financial support , bud not only that ,
they`re also looking for bits and pieces of all kind
-info @ .
Lets all give them a big support cos they`re gonne need it.
Trashers dudes rocks big time .

These are some fine examples of period bellytank
Donno where a bellytank comes from ?
Just check their blogspot for all info !!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

El presidente

Sam the man , leading voice behind
SINS 3 , Scrapers Indoor Nostalgia Show.
Thx bigtime for the sins-effort bro ...

Sam`s Buick`41 and the freshly build roadster,
wish was on display for the first time on last edition
of Sins `07.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Xs some more

The right angles...

Ladies owner's difficulties

Rear view peek !!! Bitchin he


My daily driver , till last summer , contains a B200 '76
what used to be a firefigthers van for diving material and
grocerieshopping transportation.
Soon "for sale" cause of other projects and a late 50's car
I'm plannin for ... we 'll see what comes up , anyone interesseted.
Also tradedeals welcome , lemme see whatcha got.

The right stance from the same year of birth.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Flamin` Hands

Double Weber , redone by a pall of ours , lookin`
bitchin he`.
While starting "da bitch" up , she gave me the straith
'fuck you' by a big backfire trough the carbs.
A bit fuel came out , cause the constant kickin
of my bro Kenny , holdin my hands for the inletcones
to get a more richfull mixture of fuel and breathin.
putted my two hands on fire , #fuckin shit witch#,
with all the fuel that leaked out of the carbs.
Buddy Kenny had to get down on his knees from laughin ,
lookin at me shakin my hands like a real stuntman would
do , in style.
The same time I was laughin at him cause his precious
Weber was still on fire and he didn`t had a clou.
I think we gone name the sickle , flamin hands because of this.

The XS master-brain chillin by his chair
with a view ...

Allmost ready to rumble ...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Boy

Do You remember one of my first posts
ever on the blog , remember that f.... fag
I`m garding at the rock Werchter festival
`08 (belgium), well wadda You think ...


Yummie Ecoline

Monday, February 16, 2009

My daily driver

Moto Guzzi V11 first edition, rebuild
into a `70s endurance-style.
I used a vintage Norton -seeley full fairing,
that I`ve streched and reformed onto
the needs of the bike/engine/sittingposition.
All brackets in stainless , polished , clearcoated ...,
made for easy modifing into standard again
when needed afterwards.
Clip-ons are stock ,but reversed left to right and put
upside down to get a more sporty position.

Rear end rebuild for the higher exhaustposition.
Exhaust is made from scratch stainless ,
with termignnoni mufflers , all polished highgloss.
Engine remained stock, except for the chiptuning ,
K&N breether and some small changes (+12 HP)
All in one , in a couple of weeks hard labour , you get
a whole different bike , surtenly for my 2m length.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Xs vs- Laverda

When we go on track on the local streetcicuits
of Belgium , it' s with the whole bunch of "homies",
and it ain't just for drivin I can tell you that.
Our Red ducati roundcase racer you saw a couple
of weeks ago and the Xs side car kneeler and the black
battle of bears (twins) ducati are previewed.
Well these two hotties right here are fine examples
of what a homebuild Classicracer should look like.
These two ladies are scratchbuild from frame uptill
the fueltank and from frontend just untill the ass.
All metal , engine , tune-up , lacing , painting
and weldingworks are done by mostely one person
only ...the wonderfull spanish coucaratcha Julio Ortiz.
This handyman does makes his bike "right in your face",
nothing to fancy are glittering , but straith on,
with not to many words
"I think thats why he's loved so much ".
RESPECT Hombre !!!

Me on the Ducati -Clubman

This was taken on the 70's cyclerun
near Gent (Belgium) a few years back,
it's sporting a 920 cc Hi - pressure
rebuild in Australia at Veetwo ...
with all best bits and piece on hand
for those Old Ducati round-caseengines.
Make sure you check the guys out for them
trackdays on the circuit of Croix en ternois,
You won't regret it I'm certain.

Friday, February 13, 2009

The buddies

You all know this one do yah , someone took this
pic 6y ago if I can recall , at Sins 1 Anwerp

Kenny shot by a "cheap" cellphone,
stole this one I believe from donno' who
Friends makes your world go around don't they ...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Danny Franssen build

I spotted this one about 15 years ago I guess
at a local HD-rally in Leopoldsburg / Belgium

Vans ...

Me and my misses in the french
"Haute Provence" like 12 years ago,
drivin our first 80's Dodge Van.
This was an extended version ,
made as a camper-interior.
Runnin a big block , made it smooth
driving on those french hills ...

Monday, February 9, 2009

Grease runnin trough the vains

My big example , my granddaddy
learned me all about motorcycles.
He himself was more than a regular biker
at that time ,he didn't had a car , it was his
pride and joy.
Always drove english steel and just a few
Belgian makes.
This pic just shows him how he was ,
always smilin , no mather what.
The shot was taken on a roadtrip on
his Trumpet,
in the spanish mountains according
to my grandmother that is.
Never had the chance to drive along with him,
hope just one day ...

Tribute to one hell of a guy ...THX pops

Friday, February 6, 2009


The Adams Family : Full story

These 2 fine lovely lookin' ladies are proudly owned
by two hell of a guys from nearby London ; well
6 or 7 years ago they were.
That's the time I met the chaps , on our Guzzi Classic
oldtimer weekend near Brussels (Belgium) .
I do remember they arrived on fridaynight , tired of
driving , cause they left london directly after work ;
took the ferry and came straith ahead towards the ralley.
By the time they arrived , everything was setup for the weekend,
so we were chillin'at the bar.
After they put their tents up , they came in to have a drink with us.
For some of you guys know , the Belgian beer is NOT the same
as in the rest of the world , surtenly not when you're use to drink
heineken shit or lagerpiss or something , well we Belgian
beerdrinkers are real men when it comes to drinkin beer.
So those guys , asked me for a real beer , cause they wanted to try
theme out , now they were in Belgium.
Good soul like I'm , asked them if they were used to drink strong beers,
I remember , they were laughin at each other , You know like "whats the fag's
talkin about men", and answered me , just gimmy what you got , like nottin'
could strike them, cause they were ENGLISH guys ; boehaha ... so gave them Duvel,
Grimbergen , strong Leffe and so on ...
Next morning , well like around noon the appeared out of their tents , A LOT
Uglier then they got in the night before.
At late afternoon breakfast , I asked the guys if they slept well ...
One of them mumbled , that they were TO TIRED (Bwahaha) to drink
such strong beer , and that they gonne show us that evening ,
how good a regular English beer drinker is up to ...YEAH RIGHT...
We did see it alright ... that Sundaymorning was little Hiroshima aside Brussels.
One of the bro's is the webmaster from the S3 750 site and brother of Guy Bolton
from the Greasy Kulture magazines/blog , both of them S3 drivers listen to
the name Adam , thats why ... The adams Family ...
they 're lookin similar bad in the morning : )

Thursday, February 5, 2009

My younger years

Signing late eighties , early nineties ;
Back then I was a die hard , long hair dressing
hard to get , son of a bitch .
Never had colours on my back tough;
Untill 6 years ago , I drove between 25 -& 40.000KM a year
on all the bikes.

My V7 Moto Guzzi '69 , was a imported example
from Italy , made it drivable in a couple of months;
Became full dressed and reliable for long distances.
That little bastard sure learned me all about the
"wrenching on the road" .
Like they say , in good and bad times ,for better
and for whurs.
Sure miss the bitch ...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Vincent 1200 Super Nero

This drawing comes out of a old seventies
book ' bout sprinters ; look at that compressor
way to much work and know -how for an average
backyard sickle builder I guess.
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