Monday, August 30, 2010

No one rides for free

Since I`m over my ears into Vannin again , an other one ...
One of the Vannin` hombres Lofimofo ,from northern Utah has got a real
stunning blogstopper up on the @ , real cool vintage stuff ,
amazing vintage pics more then often , some fine van related for sale.
Truckin forever !!! on "NO ONE RIDES FOR FREE"
Stop by his cool blog and just don`t forget to watch that
outragious lay-out , it all seems to fit perfectly.


Those super dudes "Stopniks" teir first VAN-IN ,be there or be ...
We all know Scotty & Turkey from their insane blogger "CYCLE ZOMBIES",
well now another Stopnik`s turn`s up with this mind blowin`blog for all VAN
related stuff " VAN CREEPS" , one more on my daily checklist , keep it up Chase !!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VANS ...

Seams I can`t get them outta my mind any more .
Looks like the Vannerscene is getting a big boost lately ...
Seams like VANS are the new hotrod`s and Kustom`s ,
for the working class .
I`ve always bin weak for old-motorcycles and all that came with it...
that`s never gone change I guess , it`s in your vains ...
Otherways when I do make al little history-list of 4wheel rides i had
for the last 20 years , there`s like 4 VANS in it , in either other models bud ...
My first one was a extended `82 , went over to a dodge `77 camper , over a shorty
till now a `76 tradesman B200 /cargovan for the last 9 years now , so guess i`m a
big VANNER to than , everything from the past comme`s back ,one way or the other.
Glad I didn`t sold her last year , she`s a keeper :)

Back in "blog" bizznisss

I`ve bin out for allmost 4 weeks now ..., went to the tsechish/German border
with the Familia for a week , went home ... took the camper , drove to France ...
Over there the weather sucked "like all Hell broke loose" .
Plans were made to drive up to the south of France to have a real HANGLOOSE
holiday , with sun , sea and lots and lots of body boarding ... I was acctualy
planning to give my little girl a private surf lesson , she`s allmost 8 now... the perfect time
to give it a go , but the weather fucked up the whole set-up , drove back home
after 5days ... damn that.
Going to make it up to here that`s for sure , promise You that babe.
Took a fresh start @ work last monday , damn that sucked...
Thaught someone was gone make my work done by the time I got back , EUUUH ...NOT.
The pile was even bigger than I last checked-out , bummer ...
Otherways made some big plans for the wintertime !!!
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