Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rescue this one from the shreder ones

This was my second Dodge I`ve bought.

She wasn`t for sale , She only caught my eye
when I was picking up some stuff @ the car cemetery.
Asked the man how much he asked for her , he says what`s your price ???
I said , donno man , was thinking `bout 500 bucks , ... deal he says ,
just take her home immediately because She`s blockin my way.
Called a buddy , for licenseplates and off she was , within an hour.

She was a camper version , drove her for couple a years on and off.

Afterwards I sold her @ the same guy for 250 bucks
for scrapmetal ... but without the doors , rims, windows
and all the bold-on stuff ...etc.

Hell ,She was a bargain , she ran a strong slant six ...

The way I bought her !!!

Nice and hard sleeper ...

Pull-updoor , nice ass hey

Home made frontend fender , GT rearviews ...
10 Years ago , soon I installed a homemade Stainless steel ,
double exhaust system what the guys from the technical control division
lauched about . Not that it was ridiculous , but they said the system would
survive the whole car . Fuckers ... they don`t know shit about US cars.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

On request by a speed lover

Wim , this ones for You , make yourself known man
whoever You are ...
More pics to come soon .

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boy scout`s...

After he got sick and tired of everyone , calling him
little girl or how`s Your little sisters name (asking his sister that is),
last haircut session at the hairdressersshop , he said to the lady ...
Please lady cut it all of if You please , cos the common people can`t
understand why I`m wearing 30 cm long hair , for a boy (and a boy he is fo`real).
Well I can understand , not that We forced him to wair the long hair ...
He liked it himself , so .
Last sunday it was a highday for him ... it was his first day of scouting in his life ,
something he was was wayning about for quit some time now , what he couldn`t
cos he was underaged .
By openingsday they get all the newbies in town who wants to join in , by tractor ,
followed by the rest of the older guys on bicycles, what is quit an experiance for a
a little boy of almost 6 , I`m so proud of him , he grow`s so fast , we can hardly follow .

More dragqueen`s

Kawi ,750cc on slicks

injected Velocette

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Kinda like that dark red , maybe I`ll take that ...
and combin it with ... I donno what color yet .
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