Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rescue this one from the shreder ones

This was my second Dodge I`ve bought.

She wasn`t for sale , She only caught my eye
when I was picking up some stuff @ the car cemetery.
Asked the man how much he asked for her , he says what`s your price ???
I said , donno man , was thinking `bout 500 bucks , ... deal he says ,
just take her home immediately because She`s blockin my way.
Called a buddy , for licenseplates and off she was , within an hour.

She was a camper version , drove her for couple a years on and off.

Afterwards I sold her @ the same guy for 250 bucks
for scrapmetal ... but without the doors , rims, windows
and all the bold-on stuff ...etc.

Hell ,She was a bargain , she ran a strong slant six ...

The way I bought her !!!

Nice and hard sleeper ...

Pull-updoor , nice ass hey

Home made frontend fender , GT rearviews ...
10 Years ago , soon I installed a homemade Stainless steel ,
double exhaust system what the guys from the technical control division
lauched about . Not that it was ridiculous , but they said the system would
survive the whole car . Fuckers ... they don`t know shit about US cars.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

On request by a speed lover

Wim , this ones for You , make yourself known man
whoever You are ...
More pics to come soon .

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Boy scout`s...

After he got sick and tired of everyone , calling him
little girl or how`s Your little sisters name (asking his sister that is),
last haircut session at the hairdressersshop , he said to the lady ...
Please lady cut it all of if You please , cos the common people can`t
understand why I`m wearing 30 cm long hair , for a boy (and a boy he is fo`real).
Well I can understand , not that We forced him to wair the long hair ...
He liked it himself , so .
Last sunday it was a highday for him ... it was his first day of scouting in his life ,
something he was was wayning about for quit some time now , what he couldn`t
cos he was underaged .
By openingsday they get all the newbies in town who wants to join in , by tractor ,
followed by the rest of the older guys on bicycles, what is quit an experiance for a
a little boy of almost 6 , I`m so proud of him , he grow`s so fast , we can hardly follow .

More dragqueen`s

Kawi ,750cc on slicks

injected Velocette

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Kinda like that dark red , maybe I`ll take that ...
and combin it with ... I donno what color yet .

Monday, August 30, 2010

No one rides for free

Since I`m over my ears into Vannin again , an other one ...
One of the Vannin` hombres Lofimofo ,from northern Utah has got a real
stunning blogstopper up on the @ , real cool vintage stuff ,
amazing vintage pics more then often , some fine van related for sale.
Truckin forever !!! on "NO ONE RIDES FOR FREE"
Stop by his cool blog and just don`t forget to watch that
outragious lay-out , it all seems to fit perfectly.


Those super dudes "Stopniks" teir first VAN-IN ,be there or be ...
We all know Scotty & Turkey from their insane blogger "CYCLE ZOMBIES",
well now another Stopnik`s turn`s up with this mind blowin`blog for all VAN
related stuff " VAN CREEPS" , one more on my daily checklist , keep it up Chase !!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VANS ...

Seams I can`t get them outta my mind any more .
Looks like the Vannerscene is getting a big boost lately ...
Seams like VANS are the new hotrod`s and Kustom`s ,
for the working class .
I`ve always bin weak for old-motorcycles and all that came with it...
that`s never gone change I guess , it`s in your vains ...
Otherways when I do make al little history-list of 4wheel rides i had
for the last 20 years , there`s like 4 VANS in it , in either other models bud ...
My first one was a extended `82 , went over to a dodge `77 camper , over a shorty
till now a `76 tradesman B200 /cargovan for the last 9 years now , so guess i`m a
big VANNER to than , everything from the past comme`s back ,one way or the other.
Glad I didn`t sold her last year , she`s a keeper :)

Back in "blog" bizznisss

I`ve bin out for allmost 4 weeks now ..., went to the tsechish/German border
with the Familia for a week , went home ... took the camper , drove to France ...
Over there the weather sucked "like all Hell broke loose" .
Plans were made to drive up to the south of France to have a real HANGLOOSE
holiday , with sun , sea and lots and lots of body boarding ... I was acctualy
planning to give my little girl a private surf lesson , she`s allmost 8 now... the perfect time
to give it a go , but the weather fucked up the whole set-up , drove back home
after 5days ... damn that.
Going to make it up to here that`s for sure , promise You that babe.
Took a fresh start @ work last monday , damn that sucked...
Thaught someone was gone make my work done by the time I got back , EUUUH ...NOT.
The pile was even bigger than I last checked-out , bummer ...
Otherways made some big plans for the wintertime !!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Unapproachables / FTW & CO raceteam

Yellow Beemer off Geert and the white XS off Julio
in the unlimited class ...big bears waitin to be shot :)

What a nice lookin` "pitspoes" I am no ?
Ducati from Jeff

Sidecar on XS base with Kenny as driver and Stijn
in the side , going full throttle on the staight line

Focus , man focus ...
More pics of this SUPER DUPER trackweekend soon on this page !!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

V35 Monza

Back on the track from almost a week @ the Wechter festival.
Bin F!@#$%`in hot , lost a couple of kg`s just by swettin` my
ass off. Up till 50 degrees on the festival ground ,
what`s wrong with the world mamma ... ain`t normal temp`s any more.

For a start , this young man is one with grease in his blood.
He`s bin building mopeds and lighter bikes from the time he wen`t out daipers.
Has always bin outlaw -bikin` till last year he got his driverslicense for bikes.

This is his last creation , a 350 V35 Monza.
Started from a tourismo base , and added
lots and lots homemade bits , to get this outcome.
Just like me , he`s a big fan of full-faired Guzzi , as You can see.
this bike is`nt done yet , but he made it roadworthy, to come over
@ our Guzzi Classic weekend , `bout a month ago.

The bike should come in the black and gold -color sheme .
Made all the fairingbrackets , clip-ons , old-school leatherbags
and luggagsrack for the bigger trips , reformed the fullfairing, etc ...
He even tickled the engine to get a better performance.
For his 18 springs young of age , he`s got "IT" , I` can say.
Keep going bro ,...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Off for a great festivalweekend ( Rock Werchter )

Just a blurry shot from one of the big sidescreens ,
left of mainstage (@Werchterfestival `08)
The Gossip , have had much lighter-weights in my hands
the past years , but a man`s gotta do what a man`s gotta do.
By the way , I`m wearing a Cheaters cc (geneva) supportshirt
See Ya back on tuesday ...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Green of envy

Damn what a beautie , this one`s from Kustom Bart
a well known KUSTOM PAINTER from the Netherlands.
Sporting a Dodge B200 tradesman (just like mine) , imported
from the US of A , were it was stored in a museum for "20years"
He just did his thang on it , like he always does .
PLEASE take five to read the full story bout this " green machine"
van on his blog .
Damn can`t wait to start on mine ...

Monday, June 28, 2010

Stuff swap ...

Swapted a Guzzi V7 sport seat-pan with this
NOS race clip-ons.

Wrapted in original grease paper , even the box`s
in minth condition.

They used to come with filling-ring for different
sizes of front-ends.

Friday, June 25, 2010

SCORED again ...

Scored an early seventies Marshall "flat" adjustable
headlight on a local swapmeet the other day ...
all NOS , in good shape, never used before .

Asked the seller how much he wanted for this "thing",
Aaa , well gimme ****5 bucks**** he says , "SOLD" I shouted.
Think He didn`t know what he was selling I guess , crazy mother##$%

Donno what I`m using it for , for the moment,
but sure gonna`.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Same wheel covers

But sandblasted or so I think ? Pic of my dodge before
I`ve done the white scallops at the sides , few years back ...

Smoothie ...

Classic colors sheme , but tastefull with the black rims
and the fine redline tires.

early Dodges , I like `em all the way

Monday, June 21, 2010

lookin` for some Kustom paint

Yummie mix-up of suede and pannels

Also suede `s cool if You ask me ...

Stolen from the super stunnin "Vans Creeps"
blog and the HAMB
Gone take care of my baby soon ... well hope so,
cos I`ve neglected her way to long .
If I only could buy some time ...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

on the header

me and my youngest on the Moto Guzzi stornello 125 tourismo,
On the driveway of the Castle " De Ribaucourt" , were we have our Oldtimer
and Classic weekend for Guzzi`s (till `85) .

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Hey big spender ...

An other one ...

Norton Seeley MK3 , made by our local hero and alltime
vintage raceaddict , Yves ... stunnin man congrats.

Perfect 900 SS

Re-done by our mate Luc in 14 months , 99.9% original.
He made his maiden trip to our meeting , just to show of ,
I wouldn`t do less if I was him.
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