Monday, January 12, 2009

Toy story

Big mixture of old and new components :
Made from bits and pieces from :Ducati ST2 engine;
916 ; Superbike 851 ; SS900 ; Excell ; Braking
Ohlins ...

We made a visit at the termignonni factory (Italy),
to ask if they couldn`t make us a one piece exhaustsystem
to fit all the non stock Ducatiparts.
After a big no can do , they stuffed two big cardboardboxes full
of new tubes and stuff , for free , just because they liked the bike ...
My mate just had to put on a free patch on his racingsuit ... so we`re
sponsored by Termignonni as you may say.

Just finnished the rebuild , after a giant crash
from a highsider on the ImolaTrack (italy) .
This black beauty is back on track ...

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