Monday, April 27, 2009

Flying Choppers Finland

Last weekend , at the coolest event on earth
Scrapers Indoor Nostalgia Show , I met Andy...
Finland`s finnest Chopper Artist from Flying Choppers.
And what a cool dude he is ... .
Andy drove down from Finland in his Hotrod pick-up,
but after 1800Km and 4ookm to go ,he`s put a side on
the freeway by the "dutch highwaypigs", cause he didn`t
drove the thing like they expected him to ...motherfuckers.
He made it with the help of his good buddy aad , from DBBP
who trailered him further down to our show in Belgium.
Glad You made it to bro ... we had a blast.

His "Jellyroll" is for sale and is my alltime fav`

Cloud 9, a fine narrow 60`s Frisco style chopper.
What a jawbreaker that cycle is.

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