Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Caught by the cops ...

In the mid nineties , we 've started out a small
raceteam on the vintage racing tracks.
We had only 2 guys who (kenny and Julio)
raced their brains out , but on every beginning of a
race-saison , we took the whole chebang on to the track of
Croix and burned some rubber with the whole crew on some of
their own modified bikes , what a blast that was.
On the team we had some Nortons , beemers , guzzi's , Laverda's
and most of us drove on Ducati' s roundcase racers.

Here you see the entier crew a side our teamtruck:
a seventies ' MACK , fully equiped with snap-on tools
sleepcabinets and loads of booze.
The owner just didn't even wanted some gasmoney
or so ... Thx W , for the good times , hope we can do this
again sometime.

loading dock

Qaid impressif , when we arrived !!!
But on one of our journey's , we got put a side on french
highways , because you can' t drive a non refridgerated
truck before 10PM in the weekend and one of those
motherf... 's seen my head stickin above the side window,
so they were thinkin , that there were some refugese
inthe back or shit , costed a giant bill on the driver , costed us
a long waitin time of 2 1/2 ours in a local french police station.
Afterwards we took a cab with 6 persons , let him follow the truck ,
after the 10PM sign and climed right into the truck on the next
gasstation /border controle , drove pissed -off homewards.
Had a good laugh that weekend ...

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