Friday, June 4, 2010

Damn that !!!

Planned to go to Botropp (Ger) today, but last week my damn back snapped ,
by doing a wrong move .
I`ve walk in a 90 dergrees angle for a couple of days , fuck that shit ...
The outcome ... NO Botropp for me this year , I`m so sad for the moment
knowing all my mates are off , hitting the road this morning on to there.
Normally this was the only trip a was going to make this year,
due to the rebuilding of my home and stuff .
So this hell is a real bummer for me .
Hombres have a save trip home and have fun for me to ,will ya .

Talk Soon


  1. That`s shit man!
    Get well soon!

  2. F*ckin' bummer dude ! Grab yourself a cold one and fire up that you can do, Cu later bro ! I'll take some crappy pics for ya.
    Grtz. Gus

  3. Fuck das klote! Vroeg me al af waar je was. Heb vorige week hetzelfde tegen gekomen. Wou m'n hotrod frame verzetten, natuurlijk wou ik dat weer op m'n ééntje doen. KRAK...daar stond ik als een oud manneke. En het was dan nog eens Pinksteren die dag, geen spoedbezoek aan chiropractor die dag.


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