Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rescue this one from the shreder ones

This was my second Dodge I`ve bought.

She wasn`t for sale , She only caught my eye
when I was picking up some stuff @ the car cemetery.
Asked the man how much he asked for her , he says what`s your price ???
I said , donno man , was thinking `bout 500 bucks , ... deal he says ,
just take her home immediately because She`s blockin my way.
Called a buddy , for licenseplates and off she was , within an hour.

She was a camper version , drove her for couple a years on and off.

Afterwards I sold her @ the same guy for 250 bucks
for scrapmetal ... but without the doors , rims, windows
and all the bold-on stuff ...etc.

Hell ,She was a bargain , she ran a strong slant six ...


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