Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last weekend

Last weekend my other addiction kept me standing for
a whole weekend.
I went to the Vehikel meet , largest assembly in Europe of bits
and pieces for old motorcycles , had a blast with my
Guzzi Classic buddies , where I spent the whole weekend with;
Not only for representing our booth , but also for searchin
some parts for one of the ongoin projects. It' s like a candyshop :)

On our display a unique Falcone 500cc Sport and a V7 700 cc

Stornello "125" Sport Corsa , homemade by our hommie
Alex and well approved at the Moto Guzzi factory in Mandello
for it's very , very period race equipement on it.
That thing goes fast for a 125cc damn ...

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