Friday, March 13, 2009

V7 sport

This is an old pic from out of an early eighties
"Moto d'epocca" magazine , it set me up later on
to build or rebuild Cafe racers.
It was build and ridden by George Kerker and former
californian Guzzi dealer Bob Blair in the early seventies.
This bike`s based on an V7 ,700cc tourist -frame ,
one of the early high frames , totaly NOT build by Guzzi to
build racers on , because in that time they used
the new Lino Tonti -frames for the long distance factory
racers and later on the V7 sports and 750 S stock models.
Nothing could keep mr. Kerker of buildin his high speed racer.
Afterwards he became a famous exhaust manufacturer in the US.

Some examples of the more famous Tonti frames
used for models as are : V7sports/ 750S /lemans 1 and 2

Me myself am rebuildin a rare 750 s (one year make),`74
model into a Californian style Road racer (hardtailed frame).
More pics about that project later on.

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