Wednesday, June 24, 2009

El Pincho Negro

Hey greaseheads ;

Our mission is accomplished .
The set up of two of our amigo`s was to build a hardtailed sickle on a xs-engine , and drive it to the south of Portugal (5500km).
Promises were made amongst compadres in a local pub near brussels (Belgium) in september `08 . , the journey was planned for may `09 , so in 7 months , they had to build a whole project from scrap with the help of all the buddies.
Two weeks ago they made it , to Penina and back in one week ,on 2 two hardtails and two other Yamaha classics .
The mixte-up made it without any measurable problems , except a leaking tank , losing the spare tank aside at night and some details … how`s that for a maiden trip he !!?
The bike is build on a 650 (`72) base , converted into 750cc. with decompressor and without elec.starter
Used high preasure pistons , flowed heads for the use of the 40 mm Weber.
Electric Ignition from Boyer Brandson for XS and Triumph engines.
RM springs for the position of the valves.
Primairy conv.from crankcase to gearbox is redone with 3 teeths less for more pressure ,
less revs , less thrills and for the posibillity to put on other sizes of rims.
Gearbox is made out of Yamaha R1 gearing , on 3 standard and 3 harder springs : wich results in less slipping-trou
New distribution chain.
Front–end `s from a Honda Fireblade `95 , T-pieces GSXR1100.
Made the brakingsystem integral , with Brembo gold`s parts.
Handlebars are from an old Belgian motorcycle called Gillet.
Gastank `France made ,beaten-up Terrot `36, redone by one of the hombres.
For the portugaltrip , Kenny`s made himself a bigger coppertank from about 3 gallon , just for the long distance travell.
Rims are Excell 160 /120 -17” , rear`s covered by rebuild Zodiac aftermarket .
Frame is homemade out of Chromemolybdene, powdercoated.
Inlettubes are internal polished 40 mm`s , outlettubes 45mm
Lettering soon to come by our compadre “El Cheapo” , Europ`s finest pinstriper
She`s gona be renamed into“ El PINCHO NEGRO”

Special thanks go out to all the buddies : Julio , Guzzmen, Davy , El Cheapo , Rene and especially to Kenny`s wive Elly to put up with us and our dirtytalk and all the wasteless time in their shed in the garden.


  1. Big Thumbs Up for Kenne and Julio and the whole of their support crew.
    Amazing what you guys pulled off...

  2. And bigtime thanx for the Motorized! support!!!

  3. Machtig!


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