Thursday, June 11, 2009

Guzzi Classic Belgium

Besides my KustomKulture interests , my heart
goes out to old Italian bikes , more the Moto Guzzi makes.
So then Years ago , me and a couple of friends started up
a small organisation (Guzzi for and by Guzzisti
with Guzzi`s up untill building year of `85. Every year we put up
a big Oldtimer and Classic weekend .In the beginning
we had more of the seventies Guzzi-twins.
Now ten years later , we have more Guzzi-singles
then twins , on 80 bikes we have 55 singles.
Comming from Scotland , Great brittain, Italy, Sweden
Norway , Germany ...and the netherlands and Belgium of cours .
Comming up are a few shots of the last edition last weekend.

750S one year make`74 , only 1100 made.

`68 700cc,V7

800cc Ambassador imported policebike from the Boston
police dept.

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