Wednesday, August 25, 2010

VANS ...

Seams I can`t get them outta my mind any more .
Looks like the Vannerscene is getting a big boost lately ...
Seams like VANS are the new hotrod`s and Kustom`s ,
for the working class .
I`ve always bin weak for old-motorcycles and all that came with it...
that`s never gone change I guess , it`s in your vains ...
Otherways when I do make al little history-list of 4wheel rides i had
for the last 20 years , there`s like 4 VANS in it , in either other models bud ...
My first one was a extended `82 , went over to a dodge `77 camper , over a shorty
till now a `76 tradesman B200 /cargovan for the last 9 years now , so guess i`m a
big VANNER to than , everything from the past comme`s back ,one way or the other.
Glad I didn`t sold her last year , she`s a keeper :)

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