Friday, February 20, 2009

Flamin` Hands

Double Weber , redone by a pall of ours , lookin`
bitchin he`.
While starting "da bitch" up , she gave me the straith
'fuck you' by a big backfire trough the carbs.
A bit fuel came out , cause the constant kickin
of my bro Kenny , holdin my hands for the inletcones
to get a more richfull mixture of fuel and breathin.
putted my two hands on fire , #fuckin shit witch#,
with all the fuel that leaked out of the carbs.
Buddy Kenny had to get down on his knees from laughin ,
lookin at me shakin my hands like a real stuntman would
do , in style.
The same time I was laughin at him cause his precious
Weber was still on fire and he didn`t had a clou.
I think we gone name the sickle , flamin hands because of this.

The XS master-brain chillin by his chair
with a view ...

Allmost ready to rumble ...

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