Monday, February 16, 2009

My daily driver

Moto Guzzi V11 first edition, rebuild
into a `70s endurance-style.
I used a vintage Norton -seeley full fairing,
that I`ve streched and reformed onto
the needs of the bike/engine/sittingposition.
All brackets in stainless , polished , clearcoated ...,
made for easy modifing into standard again
when needed afterwards.
Clip-ons are stock ,but reversed left to right and put
upside down to get a more sporty position.

Rear end rebuild for the higher exhaustposition.
Exhaust is made from scratch stainless ,
with termignnoni mufflers , all polished highgloss.
Engine remained stock, except for the chiptuning ,
K&N breether and some small changes (+12 HP)
All in one , in a couple of weeks hard labour , you get
a whole different bike , surtenly for my 2m length.

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