Friday, February 6, 2009


The Adams Family : Full story

These 2 fine lovely lookin' ladies are proudly owned
by two hell of a guys from nearby London ; well
6 or 7 years ago they were.
That's the time I met the chaps , on our Guzzi Classic
oldtimer weekend near Brussels (Belgium) .
I do remember they arrived on fridaynight , tired of
driving , cause they left london directly after work ;
took the ferry and came straith ahead towards the ralley.
By the time they arrived , everything was setup for the weekend,
so we were chillin'at the bar.
After they put their tents up , they came in to have a drink with us.
For some of you guys know , the Belgian beer is NOT the same
as in the rest of the world , surtenly not when you're use to drink
heineken shit or lagerpiss or something , well we Belgian
beerdrinkers are real men when it comes to drinkin beer.
So those guys , asked me for a real beer , cause they wanted to try
theme out , now they were in Belgium.
Good soul like I'm , asked them if they were used to drink strong beers,
I remember , they were laughin at each other , You know like "whats the fag's
talkin about men", and answered me , just gimmy what you got , like nottin'
could strike them, cause they were ENGLISH guys ; boehaha ... so gave them Duvel,
Grimbergen , strong Leffe and so on ...
Next morning , well like around noon the appeared out of their tents , A LOT
Uglier then they got in the night before.
At late afternoon breakfast , I asked the guys if they slept well ...
One of them mumbled , that they were TO TIRED (Bwahaha) to drink
such strong beer , and that they gonne show us that evening ,
how good a regular English beer drinker is up to ...YEAH RIGHT...
We did see it alright ... that Sundaymorning was little Hiroshima aside Brussels.
One of the bro's is the webmaster from the S3 750 site and brother of Guy Bolton
from the Greasy Kulture magazines/blog , both of them S3 drivers listen to
the name Adam , thats why ... The adams Family ...
they 're lookin similar bad in the morning : )

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