Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Salt flats

D`you remember Polle , leadsinger of dutch
hardcore-formation The butcher , from a while ago
on this blog ?
Well he & his buddies from Trashers cc are planning
a big set-up of a project ... comparing a full landspeed
record breaking attempt on the salt lake of Bonneville.
To get a full story check our mates new blogspace on :
They are looking for major sponsorships to do it the right way ...
Main course is financial support , bud not only that ,
they`re also looking for bits and pieces of all kind
-info @ .
Lets all give them a big support cos they`re gonne need it.
Trashers dudes rocks big time .

These are some fine examples of period bellytank
Donno where a bellytank comes from ?
Just check their blogspot for all info !!!

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