Sunday, February 15, 2009

Xs vs- Laverda

When we go on track on the local streetcicuits
of Belgium , it' s with the whole bunch of "homies",
and it ain't just for drivin I can tell you that.
Our Red ducati roundcase racer you saw a couple
of weeks ago and the Xs side car kneeler and the black
battle of bears (twins) ducati are previewed.
Well these two hotties right here are fine examples
of what a homebuild Classicracer should look like.
These two ladies are scratchbuild from frame uptill
the fueltank and from frontend just untill the ass.
All metal , engine , tune-up , lacing , painting
and weldingworks are done by mostely one person
only ...the wonderfull spanish coucaratcha Julio Ortiz.
This handyman does makes his bike "right in your face",
nothing to fancy are glittering , but straith on,
with not to many words
"I think thats why he's loved so much ".
RESPECT Hombre !!!

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